Project Overview


For many people retirement is an emotionally difficult time in their life. However retirement doesn’t have to be emotionally painful. Retirement can be a wonderful stage in anyone’s life if they prepare emotionally for it.

To help understand what are some emotional challenges that people often experience when they retire we have prepared these tips to help.

  1. Do you want to reduce your working hours while maintaining the same level of income?
  2. Having a Plan B – for people who want to play golf every day or have a long list of to-do’s, they often find that after one or two years they’re bored.
  3. Giving yourself permission to explore – goal oriented people may find it challenging to try new things.
  4. Be gentle with yourself – your retirement years, or the third chapter, are uncharted territory. Our ‘retirement years’ will look very different from our parents’ and grandparents’.
  5. Be excited by what you are heading toward – not what you are leaving behind.
  6. Make a list of all the things you would like to do once you have more time.
    • What passions can you develop?
    • Where would you like to volunteer?
    • What new things would you like to learn about and what new places would you like to see?
    • Where would you like to live?
    • What experiences would you like to have?
    • Now is the time to do these things because if not now, then when?